InVigorate IV offers IV infusion therapy for a wide variety of clients. IV therapy for cosmetics is a widely popular therapy for clients that wish to reduce the effects of aging and to have a much younger appearance. The anti-aging effects of these injections are a perfect way to improve your appearance naturally without any harmful side effects. Instead of paying for expensive plastic surgery, IV infusion therapy is a cost-effective way to reverse aging with powerful antioxidants.

How Does IV Therapy for Cosmetics Work?

IV infusion therapy is one of the most effective ways to reduce the appearance of aging by transforming your skin through the use of antioxidants. IV therapy for cosmetics is a powerful way to rejuvenate your skin, while also naturally restoring hydration for a much more youthful appearance. IV infusion therapy typically takes between 30 to 60 minutes and only requires a weekly appointment for four weeks for the best results. IV infusion therapy is then recommended once every other week for eight weeks if you prefer a long-term plan.

Licensed & Trained Professionals

InVigorate IV specializes in IV therapy for cosmetics in the St.Petersburg area. Our staff members at InVigorate IV are highly trained in the latest practices of IV infusion therapy, as we have RN’s, a physician, and a nurse anesthetist to ensure that you receive the best therapy available. We also provide flexible scheduling services, whether you prefer a walk-in appointment at our office in St.Petersburg or if you need us to visit your home or office for IV infusion therapy. Meeting the needs of each client is a top priority an InVigorate IV, as customer service plays a key role in our success.

If you wish to learn additional information regarding IV infusion therapy, feel free to contact us today and schedule an appointment!