InVigorate IV has a variety of IV detox therapies. This innovative infusion therapy is an excellent way to recover from a late night party, while also helping your body remove various toxins. InVigorate IV consists of highly trained and experienced staff members that can help you recover and feel your very best. Our staff members include RN’s, a nurse anesthetist, and a physician to ensure that you receive the best therapy experience possible.

Benefits of IV Detox Therapy

IV infusion therapy offers a wide range of benefits for anyone that desires to remove toxins and remain healthy. IV detox therapy is highly effective in helping clients recover from a late night party without experiencing the typical adverse side effects associated with late night partying. IV infusion therapy is available by appointment, or you can walk in at any time at our downtown office in St. Petersburg.

Why Choose InVigorate IV?

InVigorate IV specializes in IV detox therapy and offers many other IV infusion therapies for a wide range of clients. We have a flexible schedule, and we will even meet you at your home or office for IV infusion therapy. Providing the ultimate customer service is a top priority at InVigorate IV, as IV infusion therapy is designed to help each client to recover from various ailments quickly. We also offer exclusive discounts for active military members, first responders, police officers, nurses, and veterans.

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