What is in your IV’s?

All of our IV’s start with either lactated ringers or normal saline solutions if your medical history dictates we should use one versus the other. These bags are the key ingredients for isotonic homeostasis and hydration. After that our medical doctor or practitioner will cater your infusion based on what best suits your needs, mostly with essential vitamins and electrolytes.

Who can receive an IV?
A client of any age can receive an infusion, however we do decline to treat anyone under the age of 18 and certain clients that have pre-existing medical conditions. Anyone who is to receive an IV will have to fill out a medical history questionnaire and release form and basic vital signs will be obtained.

Do you cater to large parties or events?
We absolutely can cater to any event and will be at public events throughout the year. Please feel free to use our “contact” section to send an email or phone call to our office to discuss options and we do negotiate pricing for such occasions.

Are there any side effects?
Given the medications we use, risks of any side affects are extremely low. You may have a small bruise for a day where the IV was inserted but that is all.

How long does the IV take?
A standard IV infuses in about 45 minutes. If you prefer we can use a slightly larger catheter and cut it down to less than thirty.

Does it hurt to have an infusion?
You may feel a small pinch, but even clients of ours who despise IV’s have said that they barely felt it since we use pediatric size needles. Occasionally a client will say they can feel a cool rush of fluid in their arm or “can taste saltwater” but that’s all.

Do you take HSA or FSA?
Yes, our therapy is considered medical and we do accept that as a form of payment.

Do you take insurance?
No we do not, however, our rates are much lower than going to an Urgent Care, Emergency Room, or a co-pay with a private practice. We do accept credit cards from Health Savings account and we can give you invoice information to submit to your insurance company, which some will reimburse you for if you discuss it with them.

How do I set this up?
You can book an appointment, walk-in, or call to have one of our registered nurses visit your residence. It will take at least two hours from scheduling an appointment to have someone visit you and the infusion should last less than forty-five minutes.

Where are you located?

Our office is really close to Ferg’s and the St. Petersburg Police department in downtown St. Pete off of 1st Ave N.

Do you do business outside of normal hours?
Yes we can, but please call us first.

Don’t see the IV you need?
We only advertise the basic bags for now but can cater any IV to your needs, just call us.